Welcome Developers, Knowledge Engineers and Researchers!

Developing apps using knowledge-based approach and machine learning technologies like case-based reasoning is accessible and possible wherever you are and whenever you want!

WKA Studio is DiY as well as API driven. DiY platform can help to develop simple web-apps in just few minutes.

You can develop conventional form-based, database and quiz apps, advisory and diagnostics apps, technical, product, services and employee help-desk apps, personalization and recommendation apps, intelligent and contextual match apps and all other apps supported by core WKA Studio technologies in all domains.

Why WKA Studio?

No need to learn hard-core programming languages like Java and C++ where you need to write code for every functionality. No need to write code for user interfaces and database functionality. WKA Studio seamlessly integrates UI, business logic and database services. You can use the same variable in JavaScript for UI, business logic and accessing database. HTML-XML-SQL Mapping and transformation engines integrate business layer with these two layers.

Just create excel sheets/CSV files of your data and app logic, rest is done by WKA Studio. You can change the app configuration on-the-fly, re-create app and changes are immediately available.

Apps can be made multilingual using integrated Google/MS translation APIs or explicitly adding translation without much effort.

Extensive documents are available in QuickLinks and Tutorial section. More documentation is getting added.

Where to get started?

1. Read How apps using Expert System approach work? in Tutorials/Expert System App Section.
2. Read Getting started, Interfaces Intro and Interfaces and objects in QuickLinks/Platform Overview and be familiar with WKA Studio.
3. Create your own tenant and project (demo version allows to create one project and as many apps you want).
4. Decide on type of app you want to build (expert system-based, DB-app, CBR based app, Quiz app etc.), read tutorial on that app type.
5. Prepare well CSV files/Excel sheets.
6. Create your app following the steps described in tutorials and you are done!

What you need to know to develop complex apps using WKA Studio?

1. Knowledge-based app development approach.
2. Knowledge about expert system and case-based reasoning technologies.
3. HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
4. MySQL (community version).
5. Structured query language (SQL).
6. WKA Studio programming language (a 4GL Rule-based Language).

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